Microblading is an innovative technique that allows you to achieve these results in complete safety. If you want to cover up an aesthetic flaw, need to thicken up your eyebrows that are marred by imperfections, or want to feel more confident about yourself, then microblading is for you.


As it is similar to a tattoo, the colouring from permanent make-up risks having a less well-defined appearance. However, with microblading, very fine needles are used that have been soaked in coloured pigment. These needles, which make up the tip of a special pen-shaped tool, mark out one hair at a time, therefore producing extremely natural results. The shade of pigment to be used is chosen depending on the colour of the person’s skin and eyebrows.



Fashion dictates its own rules, and not even eyebrows have been able to escape this. Over the years, we have witnessed many different trends: ultra-fine, seagull wings, completely shaven, or even the more recent “boyish” style.

But over these last few years, there has been a need to go back to a natural balance, featuring perfect shapes and proportions that conform to the golden ratio.

Eyebrows play a fundamental role on the face; they enhance, define character, as well as being able to improve your looks. In fact, if your eyebrows have the wrong shape they can make you look ugly, just as a better-suited shape can enhance your face by making all of your other features – eyes, nose, and mouth – stand out and produce a well-proportioned appearance.

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